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First Day

Her hands. Tan, fumbling, bitten-on fingernail sweetness clenched onto the skinny laminated sign, so determined. These soft sturdy fingers curled around the letters L I L A, while her body lunged for that corner chair with metal feet and green canvas harness. This prized seat was just the same as every other in the room, save for one thing: Its location was special. The name sign quickly and haphazardly slapped directly in front of it was the guarantee that Lila, fighter for 5-year-old causes bigger than life, would sit by her best friend's side for one whole week. Her first five days of Kindergarten would, now most assuredly, be spent sitting right next to her twin.

I am blessed to bear witness to the tiniest moments, like this one from Friday's Meet the Teacher night, and it's become an old, familiar feeling. My heart lurches into the past and the future all at once, leaving a lump in my throat that's gone in an instant. Catching these moments in the palm of my hand…

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