Take out of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all of your so called problems
Better put them in quotations.
~ John Mayer, "Say"
I've been neglecting my sweet little blog. Cute thing. Reminds me of someone who is tiny and a bit on the shy side. And who likes to swear. Poor little unattended-to bunny. Oh, but I had stuff to do...

Like today, for instance: Wake up at 5.45am because the monkeys are oddly reacting to the recent time change, in reverse, if that makes sense. And they want to be picked up and held at the very same time in the early morning light, or lack thereof. They are both over 30 pounds and, though since having them I've become stronger, I'm still a bit of a weakling. They're heavy! But I have yet to say no to a lift or a hug, so buckle under their weight, I do...

I wake up at this ungodly hour of "before dawn", pet their boo faces, and cuddle with my monkeys. (I do realize, if I were a marathon runner, this would be "late". If I worked for the morning news, this would be "after-hours". If I were Sculder or Mully, I'd be on my 8th shift and still looking good wearing a suit with perfectly coiffed hair whilst chasing aliens at full-speed and with intellectual and engaging banter. But for me? Too. Early.) Then it's time for breakfast and walking the dog around the kitchen 47 times and playing outside and dancing to Puccini and eating three bagels with cream cheese and chives. Each. Aaaand, now?

It's only 9am.

We play with random sh*t. We read books. We try to watch TV while Mommy tries to catch up with her e-mails. Soooo silly to even attempt to do that. Aaaaand, now let's go to Target. Daddy's in Nebraska for three days and we need milk. And Mommy may, quite possibly, need wine. (Does Target have a song? If they do, it's definitely my theme song these days. That, and "Boom Boom Pow", which Lila requires I play an average of seven times a day.) And then it's time to write an article and catch up on those continuing ed classes and clean the house and... blah blah blah blah.

This is the story so many moms have. The mad mix of mundane and crazy that is our life. How can we fit it all in? Who, exactly, notices?? I don't write as often as I should/want to/would for this blog. I'm giving as much as I can during the day (just like every other mom I know) and desperately trying to get to bed by midnight. Rinse. Repeat.

I oftentimes think to myself: How do parents of more than two do it? Actually, how does anyone do it? Parents of one, two, three, seven... How on earth does it all get done with all of our lives intact and our psyches undamaged? And then we still have time (one would at least hope) to go to Chili's and watch "Chelsea Lately"! Big time shout-out here to moms and dads.

OK, this was definitely my worst blog post. I am so sorry. But I wanted to keep you in the loop of this silly mundane life, for some reason. Today is just a microcosm of it all, and maybe the mundane deserves a shout out, too. I am certainly not chasing aliens or running marathons every day, but man does it feel like I do!

Happy Wednesday!


It is not ur worst post - i love it and relate to it SO much esp phrases like "we play with random sh*t" and dealing with the ONE hour time difference and babies. It is all so true and so very real! Thanks for sharing and making me smile and feel NORMAL. xo
Heidi said…
aw jenn, you crack me up...everytime i stop by. i miss you. nebraska...saw the text yousent over about ang being there and i thought that damn i phone messed up again;)

5 am...that hurts. you made me think...i want to run a marathon. we should tackle that together. what an accomplishment that COULD be:) xoxo
Michele Peppe said…
"There are no mundane things outside of Buddhism, and there is no Buddhism outside of mundane things." ~Buddist proverb

I so enjoyed seeing you and hugging you this mornig my dear sweet Jen!
Heidi said…
xoxo new post police coming after you! lol

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