A Letter

Dear Lila and AJ,

This week has been a pretty emotional one for your mommy's friends and family, with a very dear friend in pain while recovering from surgery; another dealing with incredible sadness because someone forgot to look out for her heart; a sweet, beautiful girl she knows having to wrestle with some pretty major issues for being just a teen; and a wonderful neighbor who just gave birth yesterday to a perfectly healthy and lucky little boy.

Life is turbulent and change is constant, little ones. For all of the heartache, loss, and sadness beyond measure, there is exuberance, beauty, joy, and compassion in abundance in this wonderful world. You will each find your share of good and bad, in different amounts, at different times in your life... My hope is that you find strength from within when there is pain; that you open your heart when you yearn to, even if it means taking a really big leap; that you search for answers when you're scared or confused, and love who you are all the while; and that you can experience what it's like to finally be holding your heart and soul in your very own hands.

My hope for myself is that I can be there for you whenever you need me. To love you every single step of the way...


P.S. For now, I will simply stalk you with my camera on your way into school. Grade school should be a piece of cake. Just gotta figure out if they allow moms on the buses... High school may be tough to get pics of you every single day, but I can make it work. I really hope the college/s you end up going to have affordable condos for us right off campus...

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~ Thornton Wilder
h a p p y    m o n d a y !


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