I Love 2012

Paint, color, draw, ride bikes, dance, hold hands, love... Lots to do today. I'm gonna be busy
~ Lila, 1/2/12

In my search for a cool New Year's quote two days ago, I happened upon one by a gent named Bill Vaughan: "An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." Not sure why I've given this one more than just a passing thought, but I have. I've dissected it, in fact.

I think an optimist does both. Why is one who bids farewell to a less-than-pleasant year a pessimist, Bill? It's my belief that someone (anyone) who hasn't had a great year should, instead, be considered optimistic when s/he truly has hope the following year will be a better one. To be hopeful, after all, is one of the least pessimistic things one can be...

Bad moments, at times in my life, have stretched into weeks, months, and every so often, years. Years punctuated by rather good ones, and very good ones, at that. I am lucky.

I'm lucky to watch my new "Adele: Live at the Royal Albert Hall" DVD just as many times as I'd like. (Watching it now, in fact, as I write these very words.) Perhaps I can't watch it during Disney Channel mornings, busy work days/evenings, and nights spent putting the monkeys to bed. But yes, times like 11.13pm on a random Monday, I'll be chasing pavements with my girl Adele.

I'm lucky to have a chance to give Kindle Singles a run for their money with my new submission. Yet to decide upon the topic for my little 'book'... Yet to write a word for it, in fact. Soo, there's that. Excited about the prospect of it all, though.

I am ecstatic about planning our Summer vacation (Nantucket this year? Martha's Vineyard?) and a possible jaunt to Wine Country in the Fall (!); making plans to market my brand new tiny business; riding Mike (my new BIKE, naughty people); dancing, creating, and volunteering with the monkeys; and remaining resolute that yes, we will say goodbye to the golden arches. (Oh man, that last one was a biggie.) 2012 is our year to enjoy a coastal life and to be as healthy as we can ~ inside and out. Like Lila said, we're gonna be busy.

I had a surprisingly serene dream the other night that I died. I had thought that when you die in a dream, you die for real, but I guess you don't. Anyway, it was beautiful over there. Not up there, but over. Somewhat like a big, bright, pale blue vacation, in a different world right next-door... And then my gorgeous hubby showed me a sweet, sad, lovely, amazing video the following morning, involving exactly this. (Farewell, smiling, beautiful, brave Ben Breedlove. We're lucky that you decided to share your courage with the likes of us. You've reminded me to embrace today and to live life fearlessly. And to smile. It's so nice to know, by the way, that you're right next-door.)

What I'm looking forward to in 2012 had and has everything to do with how we spent our New Year's Eve: Simple, easy, happy, smiling, us. If life is fleeting, let's keep it simple and sweet...

We've figured out an equation that may just make the new year a positive one:
Corona + Trouble = smiles all around;
concentrate on success;
always remember to laugh;
 hug the ones you love;
be patient and thankful;
and look to the future with excitement, wonder, and optimism.

Every now and then, I wait for a sign when I write. Tonight I was waiting to figure out how to sign off on my silly little post... Since I began a few hours ago, I've watched beautiful Adele's video and have become inspired by her beauty and her humor. And just now, my sweet, flopsy boy has stumbled downstairs, bedhead and all, just to snuggle up to me. (He's since switched around and looks oddly comatose.) Adele and AJ, thank you for being my signs. And so, I wish for all in 2012: A year of beautiful music, inspiring people, laughter, adventure, and sweet souls who will love you and support your dreams, wherever you go, no matter what.
Taken just now. My beautiful boy who traded a big, quiet, comfy bed upstairs for a tiny couch with me and noisy Adele downstairs. I guess comfort is more about the who than the where... xo


Krista said…
I always LOVE your writing - I totally hear your voice in my head when I read it! I especially love the pictures with your words...and the last image and words about comfort and AJ are perfect. That's what life is all about. Well done!

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