When the Minutes Drag

So this is for when 
You're feeling happy again;
And this is for when 
You're feeling sad.
And this is for when you 
Ohh, when the minutes drag  
~ Love & Rockets
I read a blog post the other day. The random chick's a relatively good writer (albeit a mommy blogger) who mentioned something about taking photos of your kids at every hour, on the hour, to make for a good blog post. Not sure why I tried it out, but I did.
And so it goes...
This scoops a lot about what our nights/mornings are like these days: AJ ends up in our bed (having hopped in at about 1am); Lila gets a great nite's sleep and then joins us at approximately 6am (to discuss mermaid dreams and to request apple juice and princess movies); and desperate Mom takes pics at the ass-crack of dawn to try to chronicle a Tuesday. Unless, of course, it was a Thursday.
Lila and AJ play together nicely for approximately eleven seconds at a time. There are spurts of genius and reciprocity. Spurts...
 He won't sit regularly on a chair. Or in general.
They're making muffins, here. I may have staged this. Just saying. It's not often I bake muffins. I mean, I BAKE MUFFINS CONSTANTLY. The thing I love about this shot is that Lila picked out her outfit to help bake on a Tuesday morning, and AJ pretty much said Who gives a sh*%.
 Stella quite obviously doesn't.
 whasssSSSUUUUP with Disney models, party people???
 Hang-ten, folks. And observe plaid.
Still in PJ's, these two sit down in their "dinner seats" to dine upon chicken nuggets and strawberries. Heaven. Truly.
 This pic must have been taken at about 8pm. Toothbrushing time-meets-Mommy needs Pinot.
Last pic of the day. The minutes dragged, but they still run away from me too quickly. Time is an odd character. Days are long with these fine, crazy characters. But they're the shortest moments I've ever known.


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