Wordsmithereens and Seinfeld

When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the World Wide Web.... Now even my cat has its own page. ~ Bill Clinton, 1996
Personal blogs intrigue me. Almost every woman I know in Naples has one. And it seems like all of their friends have one. Yet none of my buds up in the Northeast do. I'm not sure why that is, but I find it oddly fascinating... Perhaps it's a regional phenomenon down here... budding from too much Vitamin D and second-hand oxygen from the myriad tanks we trip over at restaurants, I have no clue, but boy, it's blog central.

I also can't put a finger on why the hell I blog. I guess putting things down "on paper" is therapeutic, grounding... I think it keeps things in perspective for me, to a degree. The old, "If you can't laugh about it..." deal. And I have always loved to write. I went to school for it about 93 years ago and have consistently managed to find jobs that have involved writing... But, why torture others with my pointless musings? With the end-result simply being eleventeen gracious readers (ohhh, love you) who are now fully aware that I am at times moronic and, more often, very far behind the eight ball.

[Tangent: What does that even mean, "behind the eight ball"? And why, then, am I using it? There are certain catch phrases I just know I use incorrectly, and that's one of them. I think it means I'm confused... in a tough spot and can't figure out how to get where I want to be... Right? Hell, I've only played pool after two or seven beers--not well. Sooo... Anyway, if that's what it means, then it's true. As a new mom of twins (can I still say "new"? Can I say it for as long as I want?) who is oftentimes overwhelmed and under-showered, and who has yet to find her professional calling, let alone her AmEx bill, I am definitely behind the eight ball. Cue the pool hall music.]

[Another, even more distant tangent: Nerdily enough, I used to find myself to be quite the wordsmith. Until, that is, I played Scrabble with actual wordsmiths. These were two freakishly smart (and serendipitously cool) women who would place down tiles for words like "quixotic" with a grimace--mentally kicking themselves for not finding something worth more points. Angst shone in their eyes. Fists clenched under the table. Kind of like me, when I play words like "cat".]

But I digress. A lot.

There are a ton of blogs out there that cover the Martha Stewart-esque side of things. God love crepes and crepe paper, but I'm just not there. (That was just such an understatement, it made me do this weird little snort.) And there are a lot of great photography blogs out there, as well. (As soon as I figure out how to give shout outs in link format on this site to my annoyingly over-talented photog friends, I will. Seriously, their photos will take. your. breath away. You will want to fly down/over for a family shoot next weekend, I promise you. Just make sure you stop by my place for a hotdog and some Coronas.) There are even blogs that will give parenting advice, dispense cute kid stories, and share the very best of what not to wear. Kudos to them! I will make every effort to read the advice, just as soon as I take AJ's stuffed lobster out of Lila's dirty diaper and throw on my tube top and ripped jeans.

I guess you could say this is one whole entire blog about nothing. It's like "Seinfeld"! Except not nearly as witty. And with fewer characters. No plot, really. And the production value is nil. And, well, it's not a tv show. And not at all popular. Definitely not paid for... Wow, it's not even close to "Seinfeld"! Except that it's about nothing. Wait... what just happened?

OK, rather, it's simply a literary (I say it loosely!) respite from the mundane... (Hmm... perhaps, in order to truly escape the mundane, I'd need to write a book. A fiction book. Or a screenplay. About a life that's not mundane. [We get it, Jen.] But for now, it is what it is.) I do aim to do lofty things in this lifetime. I aspire to be a better person every day and to help people and living things on this gorgeous planet in every way I can. Honest. But I do know those things can't be accomplished with a silly blog. I get it. Personal blogs are ubiquitous and amusing at best. Why, it would be quixotic of me to think otherwise... (wink, wink)

Happy Thursday.


Kelly said…
I've learned more about you since you started your blog and I love your writing, humor, wit and real-life stories!! Keep writing about nothing because it's something special to all your eleventeen readers!! :):) xoxo
Kimberly said…
Oh Jenn, you are so "Seinfeld", reading you brings a smile to my face and peace to my heart. You are quite the woman and I am so glad to be one of eleventeen - you have lots to give. Happy Thursday new mom - new as long as you want to be - cuz I said so!! XO
Sue said…
ha! jennita! how unscrupulous of you to bare the abstruse depths of my sesquipedalian predilections!


Anonymous said…
A man we loved, described as a "consumate New Englander", a "newsman who loved the American voice in literature" (& knew every Seinfeld episode by heart:)is so proud of you. I read, I smile, you have that Kramer "kavorkia" for writing! Don't stop EVER! xo
cathy said…
Jen, I think you have found your professional calling.
It just needs to go from eleventeen to elevenmillion.
Keep going, i love your writing! xo
Heidi said…
seinfeld is my favorite sitcom...just sayin'!!!!!

this blog rocks my blogs butt!!! iove it. you are so wityy and despite what you give your self credit for...you are an amazing mama!!!!

love the pics on the side!!!! your a blogger pro now!
love you!

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