Farm Day (or something like it)

Flu (first AJ, then me) had a hold of us all week. Better today, save for general malaise and poor memory. As in failing to remember that Lila and AJ's (wonderful) daycare was hosting a barnyard animal / farmer-type deal today and the children were to dress up as animals or field workers. Or something... farm-like. I didn't remember and I lost the instructions. Which is a recurring theme in much of my life, I'll admit. So alas, I woke up this morning trying to shake off the effects of Tylenol cold medicine and the memory of an odd dream (involving Real Housewives, a missed PSU class, and spiritual guidance from Matthew McConnoughey). I swear. And I digress.
The farm outfits! I had forgotten!
Well, we managed to put a little something together. Here are the two tiny farmers. Thanks to a Dallas airport souvenir hat and a curtain tie-back, we were able to drive off into the sunrise in full farm regalia...

Jen: Are you guys excited for Farm Day? AJ: I like horses! Lila: I like monkeys! AJ: I want to be an egg.


Joanne said…
Ooh! I'm your first fan--I feel special :)
Very cute farmers--looking forward to more posts.
Heidi said…
ooohhh. love the blog and your words. your personality shines through and through. you have such raw talent! so inspiring! xoxoxoo
Angelo said…
Jen, you're awesome and brilliant in every sense of those words and I love you more each day. Xo

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