Room to Wait

So, I spent the better part of my morning today waiting. I'm a pretty patient person, and a relatively personable patient, but it got to a point today where I. became. nuts.

I needed some ultrasounds, as a follow-up to a questionable mammogram. Good times. Got to my 10am appointment at the diagnostic imaging center early and ready for the fun to begin. (Who doesn't love stripping for a complete stranger and getting felt up in a dark room? Hm. Perhaps I should rephrase that. Meh. Too tired.)

Try as I might, I could not for the life of me work on a presentation on my phone as I had originally planned to do. Using my strangely shaky fingers to type more than six words on the touch pad of my iPhone is, for me, the equivalent of having a killer hangover while lifting 14 bags of groceries up a hill, drinking a venti Cafe Americano, and then being told: "Quick, thread a needle." Not happening.

So I decided to play with my new app, Words With Friends. Or, rather, Scrabble With Strangers. I got lost in it for a bit, save for the occasional mind-shout of "Tool!" when said stranger submitted irksome words like "zed" and "bute". Got to thinking: The iPhone somehow found a person, in the world, who wanted to start playing this extremely random game at the very exact time that I did. This is mind numbing to me. (Me. The one who used to think that faxing involved a very lengthy underground highway of shutes through which the paper would... You get the idea. Should be embarassing, really, if it weren't so damn fun to be in my head sometimes.)

Anyway, I also started thinking about who my competitor was. I decided it was either someone with eleven teeth and a can of Schlitz who had just stolen an iPhone expressly to satiate his wordsmith needs, or it was Brad Pitt. The full gamut at work here. Either way, I was hesitant to use the chat button during the game to tell him zed is a loser word. (What is zed? I haven't had the time to look it up. Suppose I could now. I'd probably have an answer by now and would be done with it, versus me writing this very sentence. Meh. I'm still tired.)

I finally, after an hour and a half, had my ultrasound (coast is clear!) and decided to be more vocal when in wait. I see people who get their way by venting their angst whilst others stand silent and I mind-screamed: "I WILL be that person the next time!"

Went to the pharmacy after my appt. to pick up my poor son's eye drops and wouldn't you know it. A line. I had approximately 17 minutes to get the Rx and get back home so my hot husband could leave AJ with me and make it to his major meeting on time. I was NOT going to wait. I was being ignored, the pharmacist was talking to a friend on the phone, the people ahead of me were in line for prescriptions they hadn't called in for. I was in the right, dammit. I deserved service NOW. Sooo... this is pretty much how the conversation went:
Jen: Excuse me, but I called in my prescription FIRST THING this morning and I need to know how long you'll be on the phone. I'm in a rush.
Rx chick: Take your place in line and I'll be with you when it's your turn.
Jen: Right. Thank you. Where is the Chap-stick? Pretty sweater....
(Couldn't help myself: Zed is the 26th letter of the Roman alphabet. Brad is a tool.)


Heidi said…
underground shutes...cracked me up. i'm pretty sure i used to think the same thing!!!

i hang on every word. you should carrie. seriously, i would buy it. i'll be your manager and we can get free stuff when we shop because, well...your carrie and i'm carrie's free loading friend!!!!

rx drama...that loser.
Heidi said…
can't sleep.
forgot to mention in last comment...

total happiness that you are okay. that is scary stuff but all is well now.

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