Music and the Messy House

I've got my training wheels on and, though I'm still shaky, I'm spinning a little faster today down this spirally Blog Blvd. Just learned how to add music. (Check out the playlist below.) In looking at the already... eclectic mix here, I'm realizing that a playlist can pretty accurately describe one's personality. Or, at the very least, one can gather from this collection that I am... hmm... an eclectic, romantic wanderlust with a penchant for the occasional F word. Sums it up quite nicely, I think.
Anyway, a few things:
  1. This blog is not going to be one of those beautiful tributes to one's family. The ones that make me wistful for that 100% blissful attitude I can never seem to summon up for an entire paragraph, let alone dedicate to an entire blog... (Read: I think profanity in small doses is lovely, if not entirely necessary, and I do sometimes tend to walk the line of sharing too much.) I love my family dearly, and they know that. And if I want to tell AJ how insanely adorable I think he is when he says "I love you soooo much" while smacking his sister's larynx and drawing on the couch with a brownie, I'll tell him in person. With some Spray-&-Wash. I just wouldn't be honest if I didn't mention the tough (and embarassing) things. That's just me.
  2. And  along those lines, I refuse to make this all about me. Because I very much like you. I see you there, reading this post. Wondering if it's worth it to return to this silly pointless blog. I will try to make it worth it. I promise. I am, however, apologizing and laughing in advance for the silliness of blogs. This one included. Just writing about this is making me think: Who cares?? Jen's not an astrophysicist. Is she going to teach me the five top reasons to buy in the current real estate market? I think not. (Though my boss can.) Will she share with us all of the secrets of successful entrepreneurs? Hells to the no. (<--If you find that blog, though, please let me know.) She has no secrets to the universe. She can't answer my financial questions. (Heh. Understatement.) Hell, she's not even a good dancer. Is this simply Jen's Very Own Therapy Session in "heh-heh-let's-call-it-a-blog" format? Good question, dear reader. Probably. Perhaps that's what it's all about. And I think that's pretty damn cool. I do plan on adding this blog to my new biz website eventually - and that's going to be exciting stuff. I do promise that. But for now, let's stick to Jen's Therapy Session. With feedback, I hope.
  3. Oh, this post was going to be about messy houses. I'll abbreviate: Moms with messy homes have more fun. There. That topic's covered.


Heidi said…
therapy. yes, that's it. that's it for me!!!
so loving this are so funny!
Heidi said…
OMG...i like, totally make you feel my love. oh. ma. god. seriously. love it!

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