Venus and Mars and Chips

Ohhh, there are just so many differences between women and men... (Could that be more rhetorical, understated, obvious...?) In the way they converse, relate to each other, and quite simply, deal. I have recently realized that I have a veritable goldmine for research on the topic living in my very house. (And they are now sleeping quite comfortably in their cribs.)

Enter Exhibit A:
Jen: How was school today, guys?
Lila: Ohhh! Kaleigh and Michael and Gianna and Miss Kim and [wild hand motions] horses! Miss Kim gives Lila a sticker and and and [insert little song here]... my princess watch and fun shirt and shoes! And Lila walks to the office with Miss Kim and singing and happy and soooo much fun... Lila go ni-ni and Cheerios and playground. [Insert another little song here, with hand motions and twirling.] Fun, happy... Lila go home now and pj's and doggie...
AJ: I eat chips.
Gotta give the little guy credit. He edited down his day, got to the important part, and there you go. He ate chips. Reminds me of the time my friend J's hubby was given the news that their friends had had a baby. He told J the thrilling news and she asked him for all of the exciting details...? Aaaaand nothing. Nope. He hadn't asked the weight/height/time/name/sex (!). The baby was born and AJ ate chips.

I do believe that this is something I can certainly learn from - at times. I tend to be a bit... wordy, and could learn to edit. Hell, I used to be an editor. Read: One who edits. However, as it may be glaringly evident from these posts, I tend to prefer delving a little deeper into topics and stretching them all out to the utmost Lila-esque level of conversation. Ohhh, you poor reader.
Jen takes shower now and goes shopping [insert pouring coffee] and makes bracelets and then maybe some McDonald's and swimming....

Mars and Venus


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