Things I yearn for, miss, need... brick walls and wide plank wood floors
...a huge, loud, messy crackling fire
...being in a warm, cozy little NYC restaurant on a Saturday afternoon sitting by a window looking at the snow falling into evening
...watching an outdoor concert on the top of a big hill in the midwest at sunset
...night ice skating on upstate NY ponds illuminated by car headlights
...long shadows on a Cape Cod field in chilly November
...listening to crickets on Connecticut summer nights
...walking back from class at dusk in the winter at Penn State
...acoustic guitar and cider ale
...a really good party at a big old house with dear friends and a lot of laughter
...a stomach full of butterflies
...long expanses of soft green grass
...street musicians
...walking down Newbury Street in Boston on the first warm day of Spring
...inspiring art classes that last all afternoon
...walking through museums alone, with time it feels right after sailing
...outdoor cafes
...being transported to another time and place by a movie, music, or a memory


Heather said…
Jen, I think one of the pictures you have above, the one of the house with the christmas lights and the pond with kids skating on it, isn't that a scene from the movie Funny Farm?? I absolutely love that movie. And you know that picture of that restaurant on the water and all the people are sitting outside on a patio? is that Newport??
i'm digging your blog.
JennyCB said…
It's the Black Pearl! I miss Newport. I miss you. I should have put your pic up there.

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