Where'd my mind go?

Ahhh, yes. MLK Day. A day to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's inpsiring (and tragically short) life and also to hopefully figure out ways to emulate even one tiny speck of an iota of a grain of his humility, bravery, strength, honor, eloquence, intelligence, and love for all.

It's also a day that I forgot the kids had off from school.

After marching in a parade around and around the kitchen with blanket capes and soup ladle batons; dancing/spinning/singing to "3 Little Birds"; eating more Pirate's Booty than one can imagine; playing "Mommy's Gonna Git You" (turning out to be quite a frightening game, really); and going to the potty (entailing Lila taking off pants & diaper/closing door/pausing to retrieve forgotten but 100% necessary special "potty star wand" from upstairs for said mission/singing "Winkle Star" LOUD) at least a dozen times only to, ultimately, not go potty until running naked through the bedroom and stopping short to look at mommy's Star magazine (*sigh*), we finally made it upstairs for naptime.

The silly girl fell asleep quickly (thanks to aforementioned potty hijinx), but AJ's tougher. He requires a bit more... patience. So, while finally hugging him to sleep, my mind simply off and wandered away...

How will I ever get my deadlines met? What do I have to do this week? How is my mind entirely blank on that? I can't think of one effing thing I have to do. And I know I have about 37... And holy sh*t, what about the freakin' housework? I want to be a man and not have this thought. I want to hire a maid, dammitt. So jealous of people with maids. Hmm, I wonder if the term "maids" is un-PC... I cannot effing stand housework. Who are these odd people I hear of who actually find cleaning the house to be therapeutic and calming? There should be a movie about them. Starring something other than humans. Maybe it was covered in the X-Files. Or maybe it's covered in Avatar. God, I'd love to see Avatar. James Cameron seemed so smug last night on the Globes. Odd hairstyle, too. I'm glad Sandra Bullock won, even though I don't watch her movies... She seems real and laid back. Her hair looked like she didn't wash it, though. How long has it been since I've washed mine? Sh*t. It's oddly comforting to know Justin Timberlake only washes his hair every ten days. Disturbing, though. That I know that... and that I'm thinking so much about hair when I have so much to do. Huh. Maybe I'll go write a quick post...


Kelly said…
I misread and thought u wrote you played a game of "mommy's gonna HIT you" and wondered what kind of racketeer u had going on down the road. LOL

And I wont even tell u what I thought the fish were on your blog banner. Lmao

Where'd MY mind go???
JennyCB said…
You? Are silly. (Did you know you can feed the fish? Click and they'll follow. Yup. Nothing but the finest entertainment on THIS blog. heh)

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